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You go through life watching movies, and seeing how love and relationships are supposed to be like, or how they aren’t. But you don’t really understand that concept until you find the one girl. Then everything seems to make sense, all the movies, all the books, everything. It’s different though. I feel like it’s more than that. I feel like it’s something that can’t be showed or told, it’s more so a unexplainable or indescribable feeling that you go your whole life trying to show, or explain. It’s something that makes you feel alive even when you’re feeling dead. It’s something that doesn’t make sense logically, or emotionally. There should be a word that is more than love. Love shouldn’t be the limit. I’m to that point where this is no word to describe how I feel, because I could never just use one word to describe this. It’s on a different level.


Shout out to ‘Iceman’ for making this. My favourite part of the year so far.

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People acting wild these days.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Olivia Wilde

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